My Direct Response Marketing Plan and the how and why it separates me from the Average Practitioner

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My Direct Response Marketing Plan and the how and why it separates me from the Average Practitioner.

When I became a Realtor over 10 years ago, I noticed something.

In each geographic area in and around Franklin County there was always that ONE Realtor that had all the good business, nice listings and the like.

When I started to study those agents I noticed one thing in common.

They all spent MONEY, most of the time big amounts, advertising their listings NOT themselves.

After all what good is Realtor X, if all that person does is tell you how great they are ,  or perhaps something like , I am #1 in Social Media…what the heck does that mean ? Last I saw people did not drive around looking at their Twitter feed trying to find a new home.

Anyway, I DID notice that the TOP agents advertised their listings, in FULL PAGE Newspaper ads, Beautiful full color oversized Postcards, Multi page Brochures, Glossy Magazine ads, Newsletters and the like.

Now there is nothing wrong with an online presence but lets face it, most of that an agent gets for FREE from their brokerage…..not so in Direct Response Marketing, it costs, BUT it brings results. That is why you will see the TOP Mega Agents in Dublin, Delaware, Galena/Westerville, Bexley, New Albany and Myself ,specialize and keep honing their skills in this realm.

CNBC reports that MOST of all U.S. Commerce is still conducted OFFLINE. Keep that in mind, as you interview Realtors……

Balanced marketing works, please call/text me at 614 537 1994 or email me at [email protected], I will be glad to get my marketing presentation out to you RIGHT away. It is like none other and walks you step by step through my superior program.

And do not forget with me, you are not “ stuck “ in a long term agreement you can not get out of…I am easy to work with !

Thank you for your time, Greg

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